About us

We represent selected European, Japanese and Chinese manufacturers of  machine’s high technological components for Nonwovens and Synthetic Fibers and of machines for the converting of Nonwovens

Team LNS 2019

LNS (LUKAY NONWOVEN SOLUTIONS S.R.L.) was established at the end of 2008 by Gianluca Piccolo who comes from an about 25 years of personal experience in the manufacturing industry of custom made precision components for various types of nonwoven machineries for the production of web reels and for various types of extrusion machineries for the production of synthetic fibers.  From end of 2008 an important experience was added in the field of converting machines (starting from nonwoven reels – see principal ACM Engineering for whom LNS is the exclusive agent for Europe and Middle East -).

In February 2014 Elisabetta Serrao, Office Assistant, joins LNS’s team after an important experience of several years at a company manufacturing in the same field like the one of NIPPON NOZZLE for whom LNS is the exclusive agent for Europe and Middle East.

Thanks to a good relationship with the customers and to the high quality performing solutions supplied at competitive prices, in a few years LNS reached, as of today, about 70-75% of the market share (in Europe and Middle East e.g. in the territory taken care by LNS in exclusivity) for some high technological component solutions for the nonwoven industry and about 65-70% for the converting machines (see above) starting from nonwoven reels.

We are focused toward the full satisfaction of the customer; we are not interested in a single spot sale, but in a continuous business relationship based on mutual trust with the customer.

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