Machines for cotton pads

Machines for cutting and filling the cotton pads into the bags starting from a simple semi-automatic machine, to the first fully automatic smallest machine with 8 heads, up to the largest fully automatic machine with 24 heads.

Converting machine - MD1020

The cotton pads market is a relatively new market with a constant grow.  Even in period of crises people basically are not saving on their personal care and generally the cotton pads are sold every year in larger quantities.  The fully automatic machines cut and fill the cotton pads into bags, all fully automatically on the same machine. You can change in about 1 minute from 70 pads/bag to 100 pads/bag or to 120 pads/bag and if you wish to change format, you can produce, beside the round pads, also the oval, the square and the rectangular pads on the same machine, simply changing the cutting die molds and supporting plates in 2-4 hours.

The machines offer a more stable production than our competitors because the cutting plates are oriented with the longer side in CD and this help to stress less the cotton web keeping the same high production of 300 strokes/minute. In fact, competitors machines, having the cutting plates oriented in MD, are constrained to keep an higher speed of the web, creating more stress to the web (see cotton web breakages), without increase of the production. Moreover, the offered machines, guarantee a remarkable lower waste % (you can check it and measure it by yourself after any demo o the skeleton of the web).