Wet wipes machines

Wet wipes machines for folding and filling into packs (or jars as well) for 40-100 pcs/pack (baby wipes), but also for only 5-30 pieces or single piece

Elisabetta Serrao

Wet wipes machines for folding and filling depending on production capacity, type of package (for example with our without automatic glued plastic cap) and jars, etc.

Kindly let us know about the following in order to submit you our best offer:

–          Type of package (classical package or jars)?

–          How many wipes/package?

–          Package size range (min. and max)?

–          Would you like the plastic cap (in case of classical package) to be glued automatically (or, always if you need it, this will be attached manually)?

–          What is the production capacity of the required  machine (up to how many package/min.)?