Water jet strips, water cartridge filters, conveyor mesh belts, nickel MPC/MPS sleeves, perforated support cylinders, embossing drums, high pressure water pumps.

Water jet strips

The above solutions can be offered for any type of spunlace process, independently from your type of spunlace fabric rolls production (hygiene & cleaning, medical, apparel, furniture, filtration, geotextile, automotive and others). It could be you are producing hydro-entlangled (spunlaced) rolls at low water pressure as for example 35 bar for cotton pads or at 100 bar for wipes or for example at 400 bar for the air or liquid filtration market or for finishing  after a mechanical needle machine or after a spunbond (continuous filaments) extruder or to bond SPC, in any case the spunlace lines require the majority of the above spare part solutions.

Our specialists would be glad to recommend you the most suitable solutions for your specific application ; take advantage of their about 20 years personal experience in the spunlace field.  The covered positions for spunlace lines are carding (for this position, beside the conveyor mesh belts, for direct feeding carding, we can offer the nickel air suction rolls as well), pre-wetting, compacting, entangling, dewatering and dryers.

Do you wish to obtain a smoother spunlaced web, or a more uniform one or a softer or a stronger (higher tensile strength) web or a 2-D or 3-D embossed web or an aperture one? Please don’t hesitate to learn more in our Solutions list (see navigation menù) or simply ask us.