Spunlace Water Jet Strips

Spunlace (hydro-entanglement) jet strips with 1 or 2 or 3 rows, for pre-wetting, entangling, finishing, aperturing, embossing, special production, etc.

Water strips

We offer spunlace (hydro-entanglement) jet strips for more uniform and/or with higher resistance in CD and MD and/or softer, with an efficient production cost saving. Various type of stainless steel, elasticity and hardness level are available, depending on the water pressure in use, water conditions and cleaning systems. The strips do not bend (they don’t leave the “famous” waves along the strip length)  since the material is much more elastic than the ones normally offered by our competitors. Today market share in Europe and Middle East is about 75%.
Some advantages in short:

  • 43 years experience in the production of spunlace strips (first set supplied in 1970)
  • Lower energy costs thanks to more efficient water jets
  • Better uniformity of the web due to various technical reasons
  • Anti-bending and anti-scratching strips
  • Strip hardness in average at an higher level than competitors for longer strips life-time
  • From 5 to 20 times smoother capillary walls than competitor strips
  • Pilot spunlace machine in house for developments (R&D)
  • Easier and faster strips cleaning due to smoother capillary walls and more uniform hole surfaces