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Cartridge filters

Spunlace cartridge filters with 5 layers requiring no repair and no maintenance (except of course normal cleaning), normally doubling the strips production life-time before each strips cleaning cycle.

All the customers who tried only 1 cartridge filter with 5 layer have then ordered the complete set for all the injectors. The feedback is that normally if a customer used to clean the strips once every two days, by using these filters can now clean them only once after 4 days, adopting the same cleaning method and cleaning frequency for the filters. Moreover, they are very durable. The first customers who purchased these type of 5 layers cartridge filters more than 20 years ago in Japan, are still using them and never had to make any repair or maintenance on them (except for normal cleaning of course).

Cartridge filters are made of various alloys including stainless steel and combined with several layers of reinforcing mesh and filteration mesh in according with application. Each layer of mesh with high quality and accuracy is precisely controlled of holes diameters, it also has good feature as heat resistance, pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance to acheieve high accurate filtration.

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