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Fully automatic machines for cotton pads

ACM Engineering,www.acm-engineering.it , is a world leading supplier of fully automatic cotton pad machines (core business) having altogether supplied more than 140 fully automatic cotton pad machines worldwide. ACM Engineering also supplies spunlace lines and has already supplied 5 of them in Europe and the Middle East.
1) No need of oiling roller (NO spray oils - for example medical oil or alimentary oil). All ACM Engineering fully automatic machines are supplied (since ACM Engineering foundation) to produce efficiently, without spraying oils on the cotton web (without risk of cotton web sticking under the cutting dies), keeping the cotton pad surfaces absolutely free from oils on their top (even a very small quantity of oil on the top of the cotton web/cotton pads is not allowed according to the specs of various end customers world-wide) .
2) ACM Engineering fully automatic machines can well cut cotton web or man-made fiber webs of even less than 130 g/m2 (if the web is strong enough this low gsm is no problem to be cut) ; even only carded web (without any spunlacing) can be cut successfully
3) Remarkably lower risk of cotton web breakages under the cutting dies thanks to a lower cotton web forwarding step which help to move the cotton web, step by step, with a lower tension
4) The cotton pads are moved only two times e.g. up into the channels once cutting and down into the bags once filling ; this allows less risks of waste of cotton pads with bags ; for example, with ACM Engineering cotton pad machines, the risk of a folded pad into a bag practically does never happen
5) Wider range of fully automatic cotton pad machines (6 different solutions) for cotton webs of different widths in order to try to optimize as much as possible our customers production, on the bases of their spunlace roll widths, to reduce the width waste at the minimum possible
6) Over 14 years experience on the machine model structure “MD”, out of totally about 30 years (20+10 years) in designing and manufacturing fully automatic cotton pad machines
7) The core business is fully automatic cotton pad machines
8) Lower maintenance and service costs
9) Higher production efficiency and lower production cost of each bag of cotton pads
10) More ergonomic machines e.g. easy and quick access for the operator to reach the key machine points (no need to walk much around the machine)
11) Automatic multi-point lubrification system thanks to a grease cartridge which includes a chip that will provide a signal to the panel control before that the grease in the cartridge will be empty
12) STEP-BY-STEP maintenance assistance shown directly on the machine display and explained in details with several clear pictures
13) Can produce from a minimum of 20 cotton pads/bag up to 200 cotton pads/bag (depending on cotton pads thickness)
14) Energy recovery system and automatic reuse of it for lower electricity consumption
15) Better quality of the bags’ sealing since during the sealing the bags are kept continuously under tension
16) Machine structures allowing easy mirror lay-out with two machines, right and left version, which can be managed by only one operator in the middle ; very convenient also for adding an automatic case-packer (to eliminate the manual work and cost of filling the bags into the cartons and sealing the cartons)
17) No need of anti-vibration foundation (no works at the customer plant’s floor)
18) Friendly machine use ; flexibility and taylor-made projects
19) Excellent high quality parts easy to find in domestic markets
20) Exit of the bags from the machine at comfortable height (no need to carry them up), which makes it more convenient also in case of adding an automatic case-packer allowing the bags to run at the same height
21) Competitive prices, also for the inline embossing machines
22) Possibility to choose between two main types of cotton skeleton managing (after cutting) e.g. by a “V.AS.C” suction tearing fan, including the air connectors and knives (this comfortable relatively small equipment can be placed on any type of ACM Engineering fully automatic machine and connected with a suction pipe-line at your plant) or by an “NM” motorized belt (for the cotton skeleton extraction) with possibility of winding-up in a roll
23) About 70% world-wide market share ; more than 140 fully automatic machines for cotton pads running (see sales reference list)
24) Wider experience not only in fully automatic cotton pad machines, but also in fully automatic case-packers and spunlace lines as well
25) In case of ordering a whole line from ACM Engineering, for example unwinder and splicing unit + embossing unit + punching and bags packaging unit + conveyor unit + case-packer unit + palletizer unit, you’d receive 6 (six) CE certifications for the single units and we could provide the CE certification for the whole line of the 6 units together as well, in respect of the safety and the machine’s directive CE 2006/42/CE
26) Possibility to order in the near future from ACM Engineering the new fully automatic machines MD200S to produce WITHOUT COTTON SKELETON. The MD200S machine cuts the cotton web into cotton pads in rectangular or square shape and pack them in PAPER BOX, completely fully automatically in the same line
27) Machines made 100% in Italy

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