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Perforating drums for aperture webs

It is known that the perforation of webs (fabrics) on spunlace lines normally can be processed in two different ways. One way is by means of perforating conveyor mesh belts replacing the dewatering mesh belt and another way is by means of drums. LNS can offer both solutions. The first one by means of perforating conveyor mesh belts is more economic and for some customers it can be the best solution. The other one by means of drums is more efficient and tends to satisfy the most demanding customers, altought got the disadvantage of the higher price of the perforating drum versus the preice of the perforating conveyor mesh belt. However, by using a perforating drum in the spunlace process we got two main advantages. First of all the quality of the perforated holes is more uniform and clear. Secondly, the energy required for the water pressure/water flow is lower compared to the one needed in the case of a perforating conveyor mesh belts. Please let us know which type of aperture web (fabric) you need and we will evaluate your enquiry.

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