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Police filters

The police filters are placed between the high water pressure pumps and the injectors. Normally they are filtering at 25 µm.

They are placed in their indipendent housings connected with a water pipeline and valves. An electronic automatic system to evaluate when they are clogged is usually pre-installed within their housing. Their water flow system is opposite respect to the one of the cartridge filters since it is OUT→IN (for the cartridge filters inside the injectors the water flow is IN→OUT).

Normally their size is quite standard (length, diameters etc.) and sometimes we found out differences between different customers. The lenght is a bit more than 500 mm. Anyway we can first check your sample size and then make a drawing for your approval before starting the manufacturing.

The police filters are much more important than the bag filters which are instead placed just before the high water pressure pumps. This is because the bag filters, altought they are usually supplied for filtering at 5 µm, being made of a soft textile material, very quickly (nornally after a few hours) will let pass particles even larger than 25 µm. This is because of the soft textile material and the differential pressure once the bag filter gets clogged of particles.

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